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The Craziest Lego Sets Money Can Buy

Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top eight craziest Lego sets you can buy. For this list, we’ll look at some of the most incredible, elaborate, and unique Lego sets currently available from the official Lego website. Let us know which sets you want the most in the comments.  Number Eight: The […]

The Best Lego Sets for Adults | Our Top Ten

Today we’re offering our picks for ten incredible Lego sets for adults.  It’s a fact that everyone loves Lego, including adults. That’s because Lego is a timeless gift that offers something for everyone, from artists and builders to Star Wars fans.  So if you’re looking to buy a big kid, a Lego set for Christmas, […]

Lego Just Made a Huge Mistake | Hogwarts Express

Get this. Somebody ordered the Lion Knight’s Castle, and instead, they were sent an unrevealed Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition set. It is Lego set 76504. This story was originally shared in the Lego subreddit – you can read the whole thread here.  Here is the picture of the front of the package: This set retails for […]

The Top Five Largest Lego Sets of All Time

Here today going to take a look at the five world’s largest Lego sets. Harry Potter | The Hogwarts Castle – 6,020 Pieces Starting with the fifth largest Lego set in the world at 6,020 pieces, we have Hogwarts castle. However, I will say it’s about to be bumped off the list by the Lego […]

The Top Ten Lego Sets to Invest in for 2022

Today, we are looking at the ten best Lego sets to invest in that are retiring here at the end of 2022.  Are you ready? Let’s jump into it. If you know anything about Lego sets – investing, buying, and selling – you know that Lego sets only exist on the shelves for a limited […]