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Boba Fett Minifigure | Star Wars


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Star Wars Theme Minifig | Bounty Hunter | Boba Fett

More About Our Star Wars Theme Minifig | Bounty Hunter | Boba Fett

Bring the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter to your collection with the Boba Fett Minifigure from the Star Wars universe. This highly detailed minifigure is modeled after the iconic Boba Fett, known for his distinctive Mandalorian armor, helmet, and his role as a bounty hunter. The minifigure comes with a blaster accessory, adding to the playability and collectability of the minifigure. Compatible with Lego bricks, it stands approximately 2 inches tall and is perfect for fans of the Star Wars franchise. Get your hands on the Boba Fett Minifigure today and let him join your team of minifigures in the fight against the Empire.

Our Minifigs are lovingly printed directly onto high quality pieces and have a durable finish.  These minifigs fit in perfectly with your Lego collection.

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Add some Star Wars flair to your Lego collection with the Lego Compatible Boba Fett Minifigure! Standing at just over 2 inches tall, this minifigure is made with high-quality plastic and features articulated joints for dynamic posing.

Featuring an accurate depiction of the infamous bounty hunter, complete with his iconic helmet and armor, this minifigure is a must-have for any Star Wars fan. It’s fully compatible with all Lego building sets, so you can incorporate it into your existing collections or create all-new adventures.

The Lego Compatible Boba Fett Minifigure is the perfect gift for any Lego enthusiast or Star Wars collector. Add him to your collection today and let the hunt begin!

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Why custom made minifigures are created by our Lego loving print team. We use high quality parts and advanced print methods to give you awesome minifigures that you can’t get anywhere else! We don’t use cheap stickers or decals to make our minifigs, just quality direct printing. We also offer the best prices on custom minifigures. Many companies out there charge upwards of $25 per figure. 

High Quality Minifigures

Our custom printed Minifigures are made in the USA using a mixture of original Lego parts and Custom made parts. We can print with great detail. All of our custom minifigures are durable, and fit in perfectly with your existing Lego collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A custom minifig is a small figure that has been custom designed and printed. All of our figures are perfectly compatible with Lego Minifigure pieces. In other words, you can swap the pieces with your own Legos. 

Well for starters, our Minifigs fit in with existing Lego sets, so they make awesome additions to your existing collection.

What else?

Perfect for play.

Kids and adults alike can use custom minifigs to play with. They are high quality and durable. They will last for years even with regular play.

Awesome for collecting.

A lot of folks also like to collect Minifigures. Share and display your unique characters, or add them to your city sets and buildings.

Great for parties.

Our customers love minifigs for parties. If your child likes Lego, you can get a bunch of cool figures as a gift for a great price. Or hand them out as party favors at a Lego themed party.

No. We are not associated with Lego group. They don’t claim to endorse or sponsor our products, and we don’t use their trademark. We are simply huge fans of Minifigures and want to share our creations with other like-minded brick fans.

We use a mixture of parts to create unique and original Minifigs. 

  • Original Lego pieces
  • Custom Lego pieces (Lego Group pieces that have been reprinted)
  • Original pieces (our own custom parts that we produce and print)

Yes! We are constantly developing new products. Our designers work very hard to create new Minifigures on a regular basis. If you have a suggestion for a cool Minifig, let us know! 

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