Latest LEGO News: June 2024 Updates

As we dive into June 2024, LEGO enthusiasts have much to be excited about. This month brings a slew of new releases spanning various themes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Here’s a comprehensive look at what’s new in the LEGO universe.

New LEGO Sets Across Popular Themes

  1. LEGO Disney Sets:
    • Mini Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle: This set features 528 pieces and is priced at $39.99, providing a compact yet detailed rendition of the iconic castle.
    • Maleficent’s Dragon Form: With 583 pieces, this set captures the dark elegance of Maleficent’s transformation, retailing at $69.99.
    • The Magical Madrigal House: Inspired by Disney’s “Encanto,” this vibrant set consists of 1,560 pieces and is priced at $159.99.
  2. LEGO Friends:
    • This wave includes 11 new sets such as the Heartlake City Water Park with 814 pieces priced at $79.99, and the Adventure Camp Tree House featuring 1,128 pieces for $129.99. These sets continue the tradition of detailed, imaginative play environments.
  3. LEGO Harry Potter:
    • Notable releases include the Hogwarts Castle: The Great Hall with 1,732 pieces for $199.99, and the Triwizard Tournament: The Arrival set, consisting of 1,229 pieces priced at $139.99. These sets expand the Wizarding World with intricate designs and beloved characters.
  4. LEGO Icons:
    • The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr: A standout release, this massive set includes 5,471 pieces and is priced at $459.99. It’s a detailed recreation of Sauron’s fortress, appealing to both LEGO and Tolkien fans.
    • Retro Radio: This nostalgic set features 906 pieces and is available for $99.99.
  5. LEGO Speed Champions:
    • This lineup features three new sets: Aston Martin Safety Car & AMR23 (564 pieces, $44.99), Mercedes-AMG G 63 & SL 63 (808 pieces, $44.99), and the Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT Super Car (230 pieces, $26.99). These sets cater to car enthusiasts with their detailed designs and realistic models.

Special Releases and Limited Editions

  • LEGO Collectible Minifigures: The latest series continues to be popular, offering unique characters and accessories for fans and collectors alike.
  • LEGO Ideas: The lifesize Tuxedo Cat set, comprising 1,710 pieces, is set to be a hit among animal lovers, priced at $99.99.

Tips for LEGO Enthusiasts

With the high demand for new sets, it’s advisable to act quickly. Many sets, especially limited editions and highly anticipated releases like the Lord of the Rings GWP (Gift With Purchase), tend to sell out swiftly.

Moreover, savvy shoppers can take advantage of deals and budget-friendly alternatives. For example, multiple sets offer great value, such as the LEGO Friends Adventure Camp series, which provides diverse play experiences at varying price points. Learn more.


June 2024 is a vibrant month for LEGO fans, bringing a variety of new sets across different themes. Whether you are a fan of Disney, Harry Potter, classic cars, or intricate builds like Barad-dûr, there’s something to look forward to. Stay updated with the latest releases and make sure to secure your favorites before they sell out. Happy building!


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