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Video Game Minifig Halo | Master Chief (Green)

Great product

I ordered few figurines from them and the quality for the price is unbeatable. Will buy from them again. Great quality product

Another good order

3rd or 4th order and first time that something wasn’t perfect. Santa Jack Skellington was missing his hat but otherwise everything was great as usual. I would not hesitate to order from them again

loves it

He is 7 years old he gives it 11 haha he loves it

I love u baby

The best show and minifig

son loves it

My son loves them do you captain rex,mud troopers..brown,kashic troopers green???

Lego batman is the best

The minifigure is high quality. The details are great, and the cape is a nice addition. I will be buying more minifigs soon. Thank you.

fantastic fig

awesome price

Love Bib Fortuna

Shipping was extremely fast and customer service was very helpful. I accidentally ordered 2 of 1 figure, and so I emailed them if I could exchange for another of the same price. Exchange was made without a delay to my order.

Awesome Opossum


My second order

This was my second order and the figures were very nice

No customer service

As of right now no customer service I ordered probably 30 mini figs all but one (Donatello) in great condition one of the figs the head will not go on and did not come with the stickers I reached out through email and filled out a contract us form and have gotten no response other then that was everything I expected

My son loves it

It seem high quality

great deal on minifigures

This one is super cool looking. Probably my favorite of the bunch that I ordered


Got this when the movie came out! It's awesome. Love Thor Love and Thunder

Love my Captain Jack Sparrow. Love all my minifigs. Thank you.

Great Bootleg but not technically "custom"

I may be wrong but the the term "custom minifigure" typically implies that the minifigure would be printed on genuine lego pieces. For these customs this is not the case. They are printed on to for lack of a better term "fake lego pieces", though this is true the figures for being not "real" lego are still very decent quality. All the joints seem to not be too stiff or loose and the prints are good quality and very cool. All in all I would say definitely purchase some figs from these guys if your looking for very well priced and cool figs to add to your collection of customs.

Star Wars Minifig Clone Wars | Ahsokas Trooper

great minifig!!

Really nice!! All details are great!! Love it!


I really love it! You can all be proud about your minifigures!! They have much more details on them! I love it all of them and going to buy others! Thanks for all! May God bless much more your business!! 🙂

Great product

Great product for good prices. Have ordered more than once and product arrives in just over a week so no complaints here.

Damaged Stormtrooper

Looks good! Right amount of marks for a stormtrooper in a battle. Not over done.

My Lego Town Just Got 60% Sexier

I don’t know what “celebrities” these ladies are supposed to be. But they’re certainly going to be popular with a lot of businessmen in my Lego town.

Almost perfect

These are nice looking minifigs. A lot of detail and good quality. My only complaint is to put the helmet on without it falling off you must really push it down causing the head to get stuck inside the helmet. Will be ordering more.