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The Top Five Largest Lego Sets of All Time

Here today going to take a look at the five world’s largest Lego sets.

Harry Potter | The Hogwarts Castle – 6,020 Pieces

Starting with the fifth largest Lego set in the world at 6,020 pieces, we have Hogwarts castle. However, I will say it’s about to be bumped off the list by the Lego star wars UCS AT-AT Walker. 

This set comes with four exclusive Minifigures: the house founders. They are genuinely amazing Minifigures with immaculate detail. 

Also, you get tiles with the crest for each house founder Minifigures. Those are sticker elements. 

I wish they were printed, but it’s still a pretty awesome minifig display with these four minifigs. 

The castle is micro-scale, so you get 24 of the little mini micro-scale figures (also known as trophy figures). 

There are 20 figures on the bottom and another four dementors flying around.  

This set is gigantic and magnificent in its detail. 

It comes with the Whomping Willow as well. And these little boats, a little microscale Hagrid hat right above the great hall is where you can see the dementors flying around. 

You’ve got this large tower right here as well in the center. And on top of that tower, you can see a neat brick built Hungarian horn tail dragon looks brilliant and has some microscale detailing on the backside.

It can be split into two different chunks like that there. So it’s easy to transport. 

The microscale detailing includes double doors office, the Phoenix, the moving staircases with the talking portraits, the entrance to the chamber of secrets, the chamber of secrets with the bassists, and the great hall with the floating Hills flags note the stained glass windows as well. 

Features include:

  • Griffindor dorms
  • The potions classroom
  • Dolores, Umbridge’s office
  • The defense against the dark arts classroom
  • The giant chessboard

So obviously, this set here is beautiful and just a fantastic display piece. 

It’s pretty easy to put together as well.

So pretty awesome. Massive fan of the Minifigures that are included. It is micro-scale, but this is one of my favorite Harry Potter sets. However, picking a favorite between the Hogwarts icon set and Diagon alley is tough. All three are just simply incredible.

Lego Star Wars UCS AT-AT Walker – 6,785 Pieces

The set is massive, measuring 25 inches (62 cm) tall, 10 inches (24 cm) wide, and 28 inches (69 cm) deep. 

It comes with some legendary mini figures. You got general veers, Luke Skywalkers, snow trooper commanders, four snow troopers, and two AT-AT drivers. Now, even though it comes with all those minifigures, it can hold much more. 

It can hold 40 mini figures in the main body. Also, you can fit four speeder bikes in the body, and two are included in the set. 

And also, you get one of those heavy repeating blasters. Our AT-AT has many other amazing features, such as opening hatches, cannons with a realistic recoil action, something new for walkers, and other stuff. 

Plus, it looks incredible. 

The Lego star wars, UCS Millennium Falcon. 

It is gigantic. The 2017 UCS Millennium Falcon was a remake of an older UCS set. And for a long time, it was the world’s largest Lego set at 7,541 pieces. 

This thing speaks for itself. I’m so glad we pulled it out because I never really have an up-close, detailed look at it. But when it’s off the shelf, it just looks brilliant. There’s so much detail on the body with all the different pieces and part usage. 

Lego put incredible work into this one, and it shows. It comes with a specifications plaque and eight Minifigures. 

Interestingly, Lego decided to include Minifigures from different generations of Star Wars. 

You get characters from the original series, as well as the sequels. It even comes with two different Han Solo Minifigures. 

Inside the Millenium Falcon, you have some excellent interior detail. 

And there’s also the cockpit with a new dome piece issued for this set. It also has two sensor dishes attached to the top of the Millennium Falcon. 

After removing the hatches, you can see some of the detail.

Sticker elements give the illusion of hallways. Of course, it also has the hologram game, not much of an interior, but enough to please me. 

The cockpit doesn’t have much going on, but it looks nice. There are printed one-by-two tiles and stuff in there, and you can comfortably fit four Minifigures. 

And when looking at the Millennium Falcon, you can’t forget about the gunner seat here. Lift off the hood to reveal some more interior details. And there’s a rotatable turret on the bottom as well. And here’s a quick size comparison with the standard Millennium Falcon. You can see there’s a pretty big difference. 

Roman Coliseum: this massive Lego set has 9,036 pieces

And to say the least, it is gorgeous, does a great job representing the Roman Coliseum, and looks aesthetically pleasing. It is brilliant. 

I will say that the build was a little bit repetitive but fun. Nonetheless, I would suggest building it over an extended period. It has many microscale details on the grounds around the Coliseum: some vehicles, bushes, and trees. 

And if you spot the little yellow car, that’s an Easter egg from a different Lego set. The Fiat 500 in the painting that comes with the fiat 500. You can see it just outside the Roman Coliseum. A clever little easter egg that Lego included.

Lego Titanic 9,090 Pieces

The Lego Titanic is gigantic in real life. It’s the worlds longest Lego set, even longer than the Lego Star Wars super-star destroyer. 

The Titanic was a blast to put together and is one of my two favorite sets of all time. 

The details are incredible: lifeboats, funnels, and different flag details can be taken apart, plus the propellers on the back work. 

You can separate it into three sections, which is very simple. 

More surprisingly, when you’ve put together all the levels, it is stable, so it’s easy to pick up and move around—bloody fantastic, lads. 

Pulling the stern and the bow off is no problem. And there’s some interior detail in the cross sections.

We have the dining hall, the grand staircase, the swimming pool, and engine rooms. And did you see the little name plaque with the typewriter letters? 

That’s an excellent edition as well, but a cool feature is that these engines turn the propellers on the back of the ship. And these can very easily be pulled out and put right back in.

The functionality is flawless.

Finally, the last and largest Lego set of all time is none other than

The World Map – 11,695 pieces. 

It is gigantic. It’s very different from other Lego sets. It is more of an artwork piece of the world ma[. 

It has an unfair advantage when factoring in peace count because not all of the pieces get used, and the studs, right? So it is a little different, but I still love the set. 

It looks fantastic in the Lego room. But, of course, this is the world’s biggest Lego set, which is the world map. So the world map can be arranged in three different ways to depict different versions of the world map. 

Also, you can customize the oceans however you please with these different colorful pieces. It comes with a lot of extra parts. So you can make your unique designs and let creativity guide you as you create your world map. We haven’t done that yet. We just followed the instructions. It was a bit of a tedious build but very relaxing. I did like it.

It’s actually smaller than the Titanic in terms of weight and volume, but by piece count the World Map is technically the largest.


I’ll be updating this list, adding the Lego star wars AT-AT Walker to the collection, and the Hogwarts castle will be knocked off.

The top five combined set use 43,382 pieces. That’s the total when combining all of these sets – over 40,000 pieces. That is astonishing. 

To rank them from my favorite to least of the five:

  1. Titanic
  2. Millennium Falcon
  3. Hogwarts castle
  4. Roman Coliseum
  5. World Map 

Let me know your order by commenting below. Thank you so much for coming on by today. I hope you enjoyed this article on the world’s top five most giant Lego sets.


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